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Begin Your Child's Story at Bannister We’ve realized that education isn’t just about students learning from teachers. It’s also about teachers learning from students. That’s why we have lofty aspirations for our students. We don’t just want to teach them. We want to be inspired by them. We have what it takes to help your child make it big in the world. If you believe that your child deserves the chance to change the world, we would love to be a part of his or her story. We also believe in the strength of the human spirit to adapt, innovate, and transcend all circumstances.
We have faith in the capacity of kids and teens to bring out the best in themselves. And we supply young minds with a liberal, humanistic education to help them stand out from the rest: intellectually, physically, and spiritually. Begin that story in Bannister Academy or visit us at Circulo Verde and observe a class.